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Shadow Investigations is a full service private investigation firm that was established in Toronto in 1988. Our mandate is to provide the most professionally advanced complete private investigation service.

The Director of the company is a former Metropolitan Toronto Police Officer who possesses over 40 years of investigative experience. Our team has many years of experience in the insurance and law enforcement fields.

We handle each assignment in a discreet and timely manner with the highest professional and ethical principles. We provide high quality and comprehensive court ready reports and DVDs.
All of our investigators are fully licenced by the Ministry of Community Safety Private Security and Investigative Services Branch of Ontario. Our team is fully compliant with all government regulations. All of our investigators are also fully insured. All investigators are fully qualified as expert witnesses in all areas of the courtroom.

Professional Experience

  • History

    28 years of surveillance experience with claims investigations
    Compelling history working with lawyers, adjusters and law enforcement
  • Success

    Extremely high success rate with surveillance assignments
    Many years experience with rural and city surveillance situations
  • Knowledge

    Strong knowledge of Insurance Law and the Privacy Act
    Provide comprehensive court ready reports and DVDs in a timely fashion
  • Resources

    Access to a substantial number of sources and contacts
    Utilize up to date HIGH DEFINITION video equipment (stable, clear and focused)

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